câmara de protecção profissional para abordagem da via aérea


 “Protector2020” is a protection chamber for health professionals developed with the objective of mitigating the risks of contagion by SARS CoV-2 during the performance of aerosol-generating procedures in the approach of the patients' airway (intubation and orotracheal extubation).

To fulfill its objective, it is essential to meet some requirements such as visual transparency, anti-luminous reflection, easy cleaning and disinfection and resistance to alkaloid substances. Ergonomics (easy access for the doctor's hands and arms), comfort for the patient and protection for the support nurse are also essential.

This equipment was developed with the support of the medical community through the Board of the College of Anesthesiology of the Portuguese Medical Association, coordinated by Dr. Paulo Lemos. Adjustments were made to the prototype through tests at Hospital Curry Cabral, Hospital de Santo António and Hospital do Barreiro.


Visual transparency and luminous anti-reflection


Easy cleaning / disinfection, resistance to alkaloid substances


Ergonomics and accessibility in the delivery of the necessary material for the procedures

The product in


Boston Medical Center

Barrier Enclosure during Endotracheal Intubation

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RTP feature on COVID-19 protective boxes.

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RTP feature on COVID-19 protective boxes. "Todos Por Quem Cuida" Movement.

Professional Protection Chamber for Airway Approach

Visibility Protection Accessibility Visual transparency Stability Easy cleaning

 “Protector2020” is produced in compact polycarbonate (3 mm thick), with the following dimensions: 60 cm high, 50 cm wide and 50 cm long. Weighs 4,5 Kg.

The structure includes two round cavities with 14 cm in diameter for the doctor's hands and arms to pass, a top cover with a 10 cm occipital visor for protection of the support nurse and a reinforced base with 30 cm for stability and settlement. It features a cutout for integration of the shoulders up to 30 cm and guarantees visual transparency, presenting little light refraction or lens effect.

It is reusable through cleaning with alcohol (ethanol, isopropanol or butanol) or enzymatic disinfectant, without risk of fogging after applying these products (see TECHNICAL SHEET).


total protection.

Professional Protection Chamber for Airway Approach.



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Protector2020 – Validação | Validation | Validación

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